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SoftWave Therapy

Get Real Pain Relief In Your First 10 Minutes!


End Chronic Pain! There’s no need for pain pills, surgery, or injections! With a 90% patient satisfaction rate, you’ll experience pain relief in your first treatment!

If you suffer with chronic pain, or have been told you need surgery, there is help!

SoftWave technology offers non-invasive, drug-free and FDA-cleared therapy that reduces pain and heals injuries by activating your body's own stem cells. Those who have tried it call it truly life-changing.

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SoftWave Results

Reduce Need For Surgeries & Medications

91% Success Rate with New Patients

Recover with confidence by using this best-in-class technology and globally accepted treatment protocols 

  • 10 Minute Treatment Times

  • Increased Healing 

  • Faster Recovery

  • Reduced Pain

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What Does SoftWave
Therapy Help With?

  • Joint Pain (Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, & Ankle!)

  • Soft Tissue Pain Relief (Ligaments, Muscles, & Tissue!)

  • Chronic Pain Relief (Back, Nerves, Discs, & Joints!)

  • Acute Pain Relief (Wounds, Burning, & Numbness!)

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